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Name:                                  Stephanie G. Spangler

Hawaii Film Authority

808-373-2710 (0)

808-285-1422 (cp)

Organization Membership:


(Film & Video Association of Hawaii)

FAVAH member since 1989

HFEB (Hawaii Film & Entertainment)

Board member from 2004-09

Waialae Golf Course Community Association  Board of Directors 1989-2018

Favorite Book:             Silence Will Speak

by Errol Tryzbinski

Favorite Movie:                   Out of Africa

Favorite Countries:          France & Morocco

Favorite Quote:                      By Edgar A. Guest

“Somebody said that it couldn't be done,

But he with a chuckle replied

That "maybe it couldn't," but he would be one

Who wouldn't say so till he'd tried......”

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My Quotes:

Every job I do is an opportunity to learn, grow and improve the art and organization of my craft.

It’s the search that is the essence of life.  What someone finds in the act of exploration is an understanding of oneself and humanity.  You learn never to underestimate any person, place or thing.

"The harder you work the luckier you get"




Life-long resident in Hawaii. Top accredited commercial production supervisor, motion picture & commercial location manager & location scout with over 30 years experience in motion picture films, TV series & TV pilots, national/international commercials, print, music videos, on all the Hawaiian islands. Producer for photo shoots. Consultant to productions regarding locations and bidding.  I break down movie scripts and boards and scout to find just the perfect location to fit the directors & production designers vision and the producers needs. Capable of pulling locations out of the hat just in the nick of time. Web pages or Dropbox folders customized for you and your clients.  Extensive expertise in permitting and budget negotiations.  I save you time and money with fast, efficient service. Good working relations with unions and City and State government departments.  “Local” contacts with estates, ranches and private landowners.  No location is too difficult and “no is not an answer”.  Vast professional knowledge of “vision” comes from working with some of  Hollywood’s top directors, cinemetographers and production designers through the years.

Calm under pressure and an excellent trouble-shooter. 


ABC “THE RIVER”, CBS “HAWAII 5-0 TV Pilot 2010,

ABC ”OFF THE MAP”, Len Wiseman -Carolyn Chen, Michael Karbelnekoff, Bradford May, Klaus Obermeyer, Toby Phillips, Noam Murro, Bruno Aveillon, Michael Haussmann, Bryan Buckley, Michael Bay, Joe Pytka, Tony Scott, Peter Nydrle, Caleb Deschanel, Marco Brambolini, Carlton Chase, Gerard Hameline, Richard Hoover, Anabel Jankel, Rocky Morton, Michael Saloman, Doug Taub, Bill Timmer, Paula Walker, Nick Vedros, Tom Burkhart, Rob Leiberman, Jon Mentzer. Michel Comte, Mikael Jansson, John Wells, John Perez, Sean Thonson, Kathryn Bigelow, Roland Emerich,

About me in brief:

Studied and worked in France for 10 years.  Traveled extensively throughout all of Europe and Morocco. Lived in Cap d’Ail, France, Monte Carlo, Paris, Rome, Copenhagen

  1. * Ecole Nationale Des Art Decoratif, Nice, France

  2. *

  3. * Centre Mediteraneen d’Etudes Francaise, Cap d’ail, France French History, Culture and Language -      

  4. *    

  5. * Backgammon Management International,  Monte Carlo - Tournament Specialist

  6. *

  7. * “Rivera Life” magazine - Art Director,  Monte Carlo

  8. *

  9. * Societe Des Bains De Mers, Monte Carlo - Implementation of Incentive Tours-   Bi-lingual Organizer:

  10. *

  11. * Co-Founded Scandanavisk Backgammon Club, 1975, Copenhagen, Denmark

  12. *

  13. *

  14. *Production Supervisor, Location Manager & Scout: Episodic Television, Motion Picture, Commercials, Fashion Photography & Music Videos since 1977

  15. *

  16. * Founded Hawaii Film Authority, Inc., 1992                     Location Management and Production Supervision                          (active 1992 til present)